Mission Statement

We are an organization focused on the future. Our challenge is to be the best insurance organization in the world. Our efforts to constantly excel in this endeavor benefit our customers, affiliated organizations, owners and rural communities.


We strive to provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers. Our products and services are constantly evaluated, updated and improved to better meet and exceed the customers’ needs and expectations. Customer satisfaction is a top priority. Our objective is to have an expanding base of satisfied customers who benefit from financial stability, profitability and improved cash flow, as a result of our business relationship.

Business Affiliates

Our business affiliates are very important links to the customers we serve. We are committed to being an organization with whom our business affiliates desire to maintain a proud and long-term relationship—a relationship that enhances their reputation and profitability.


Meeting customers’ needs and market expansion are the natural outgrowths of our commitment to excellence in the training, personal growth and benefits to all employees. Their abilities, dedication and professionalism control our success and our destiny.


We strive to earn the privilege of being an accepted and respected member of business communities throughout the world. Our goal is for our risk management products to provide economic strength and stability to improve the quality of life in rural communities.


We strive to achieve a fair profit as is required for growth and survival. It is a critical measure of our efforts.


We are committed to the highest business, moral and ethical standards. Our integrity shall never be compromised to achieve our goals and objectives.